What happens if my employer changes my benefits package?

Your group administrator has 24/7/365 access to the company’s Benefit Smart System to keep all of your benefits information up to date. We can even notify you by email when your 2MyBenes app has changed or been updated.

Can anyone access my 2MyBenes app?

Upon activating your subscription you will create your own user name and password. You can share that information with everyone in your family that is on your insurance plans. All of your family members will have immediate access to all of the important insurance information they may need in an emergency right on their Smartphone. They will also have access to orientation information to help them understand what their health insurance benefits are and how to use them. And that information is available in English or Spanish.

What do I get for my $12.00 per year subscription/activation fee?

You will have 24/7/365 internet and mobile app access to your employers group benefits plan. This includes password protected portals to your health insurance carriers for plan ID information, provider directories, plan orientations for all of your benefits. Your employer will have the capability to also include employee and safety manuals as well as training material that you can access with your Smartphone or computer. There will be additional new features that will be added in the future.

Who is responsible for the $12.00 annual subscription/activation fee, the employer or the employee?

The $12.00 fee is paid upon activation and renewed annually by either the employer or the employee. It is at the discretion of the employer and/or agent.

Can I add plans and additional information at a later date, after initial enrollment?

Yes, you even have the ability to hold open enrollment whenever YOU choose to because you have direct email access to every subscriber of every group. You have full administrative access to your group administrator and the employees who subscribe 24/7/365.

Can I mix different carriers and supplemental or ancillary plans on the Benefit Smart System?

Yes, you and the group administrator can add any plan information, carrier links, or even employee manuals and training material to the video/forms library. The Benefit Smart System can even collect verification’s for the employer when employees view or download videos and documents.

Who has access to my groups’ information?

Other than the Benefit Smart administrator for customer service issues only the agent of record and the group administrator will have password protected access to any information in the account.

Can I set up an agency account for $49.00 per month which will cover all agents in my organization?

No. The Benefit Smart Communications System is designed to be an agent management tool. When a group is entered into the system, the agent of record and the group administrator will have their own user name and password for the unique URL for that group. The System is secure and takes the personal information of all concerned very seriously. Therefore limited access for confidentiality is important.