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ABC Corporation Benefit Plan<\/h2>\n

Major Medical<\/strong><\/p>\n

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas<\/strong><\/em><\/p>\n

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Benefit Connection Gap Coverage<\/strong><\/div>\n
Benefit Connection is a GAP plan designed to complement major medical insurance plans by helping to cover out-of-pocket expenses, such as deductibles, copays and coinsurance. The base plan offers benefits to help cover hospital confinement stays. Optional benefits for outpatient treatment and\u00a0physician office visits\u00a0are also available, allowing employers to customize a plan for their employees.<\/div>\n

May be sold to any employer group that has a major medical policy in place for employees. This supplemental policy covers portions of the expenses employees and their families incur due to treatment of injuries and illnesses under their major medical insurance as a result of the application of deductibles and coinsurance.
\nThis product does not pay 100% of out\u2010of\u2010pocket expenses.
\nHighlights include:<\/p>\n